Mental Health Awareness Training

Our journey to breaking the stigma of mental health problems in the workplace starts with understanding. To improve awareness and to build everyone’s confidence in talking about mental health, we have developed two courses

Mental Health Awareness E Learning 

TRAINING FOR EVERYONE: Available in SuccessFactors (c. 25 min)​ 


For all employees to enhance understanding of mental health and how to talk about it. 

Course Content:​ 

- What is mental health?​ 

- Contributing factors​ 

- Spotting the signs​ 

- Taking time to talk​ 

- Support and resources 

Mental Health Awareness for Managers 



Externally delivered face to face course for those with line management responsibility, giving greater insight into mental health and how to support a person who is struggling. 

Course content: ​ 

- What we mean by mental health ​ 

- Common mental health conditions ​ 

- Gives guidance on how to spot the signs and symptoms ​ 

- Describes how to start the conversation and signpost on to further support ​ 

- Explains how to support them while they are unwell ​ 

- How to look after yourself when supporting others 


Contact HR Direct to register interest. 

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s important you seek some help from your GP. If it’s affecting your ability to work, speak to your manager to see if a referral to Occupational Health is appropriate. You can contact our EAP for free and confidential support 24/7, 365 days a year. 

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