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"Wellbeing support from struggling to thriving, be it in Mind, Body, or Life"

Despite having access to many resources, it may still be difficult to connect with proactive advice and support when you want it. Back in 2019, in an attempt to address this potential issue, the “Centre for Wellbeing” concept was imagined and later piloted at Solihull.

The Centre for Wellbeing is our one-stop-shop for group and individual wellbeing interventions. Our first implementation at Solihull was rolled out by converting some of our biggest meeting rooms into multifunctioning spaces to accommodate classes covering topics that cover our Mind, Body, and Life.

Classes had included topics such as, ‘mental resilience and everyday coping skills’, general fitness (“Life Fit”), Pilates, foundations in nutrition, effective communication, substance misuse, and sleep & shift working. The programme was a run-away success in terms of engagement and employee feedback with some very inspiring personal accounts of their journey. Clinical outcomes have been very positive and support the personal satisfaction of participants. After a short pause due to the pandemic, it has resumed with programmes focusing on rehabilitation, fitness, and long-covid.

The success of the Centre for Wellbeing pilot has meant that we are now carrying out a full rollout across all six of our major UK sites. Smaller sites will benefit from a visiting 'Centre for Wellbeing in a Box'

New facilities launching in Summer 2022...

We will have new onsite facilities and specialist teams dedicated to our Centres for Wellbeing and will include a growing library of classes and other interventions to support our diverse workforce.

We use technology and other innovations, such as VR, to engage and inspire people on their personal wellbeing journey
Example classes

Click through to the following for a glimpse at where we are now in our journey but keep checking back for further updates

Meet our growing team of experts

Overview of our current and planned programmes

Layout plans of our upcoming facilities

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