Centre for Wellbeing

"Wellbeing support from struggling to thriving, be it in Mind, Body, or Life"

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The Centre for Wellbeing is a brand-new element within occupational health that can support with preventative wellbeing, rehabilitative wellbeing and wellbeing awareness and engagement.

The Back in 2019, the first Centre for Wellbeing was opened in Solihull, however, as of now, our six major sites in the UK all have a fully functional Centre for Wellbeing. The Centre for Wellbeing is our one-stop-shop for group and individual wellbeing intervention. This has happened by converting some of our biggest meeting rooms into multifunctioning spaces to accommodate classes covering topics that cover our Mind, Body and Life.

What do we offer?

  • Functional Restoration Programme- 6-week programme that delivers tailored, corrective exercise programs for employees that are not responding to physio, need additional support or have reached the end of their physiotherapy.
  • Body Ready- delivered in a group based environment to provide programs for people who would benefit from lifestyle enhanced exercise classes.
  • Mind Body Ready- 6-week programme that provides support through progressive, holistic rehabilitation to encourage both mental and physical health.
  • Move Well- self-enrolment group session which focuses on on total body flow, this is a continuous class so there isn't a limit of how many sessions you can do.
  • Webinars- health and education workshops on lifestyle and wellbeing topics.
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