Health Kiosks

Information about the health kiosks across UK JLR sites

Well.Me Health Kiosks

To support the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, there are state of the art digital Wellpoint kiosks at each of our main sites. They provide colleagues with a convenient and easy to use facility where they can take and learn more about their health metrics, in confidence, without the need to book and appointment or see a health professional.

The new Wellpoint kiosks are designed to provide users with key health and wellbeing information around the following metrics:

  • Weight & BMI
  • Body Fat
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Lifestyle

The kiosks can provide the user with their ‘heart age’ based on the data above which makes them a useful and easy to understand tool to understand general health and wellbeing. This information which is gathered and provided to the user in an easy and hassle-free manner is fantastic and a huge positive for Jaguar Land Rover colleagues who want to have regular insight into their health and wellbeing.


All employee’s data is confidential, and users will have the option to use the kiosks as a guest or register an account to get a better experience. By registering an account users get the benefit of being able to access their health check history and track their progress over time both on the kiosks themselves or via the Well.Me app.

The kiosks can send user results by email which makes tracking your health and wellbeing more convenient than ever before.


Kiosk 1HalewoodPaint People Centre  
Kiosk 2HalewoodNorth Works People Centre  
Kiosk 3HalewoodPress Shop People Centre  
Kiosk 4HalewoodTrim and Final Admin Centre  
Kiosk 5Castle BromwichR block  
Kiosk 6Castle BromwichSports Car (A1A2)  
Kiosk 7SolihullCfW  
Kiosk 8SolihullFA2 (main entrance)  
Kiosk 9SolihullFA3 (Security desk in entrance in short term)  
Kiosk 10Solihull62  
Kiosk 11EMCSS2 Powertrain Way  
Kiosk 12EMCSS5 Module 4  
Kiosk 13GaydonThe Street  
Kiosk 14GaydonTriangle by OH  
Kiosk 15WhitleyAtrium  
Kiosk 16Fen EndAtrium (EVO New Facility)  
Kiosk 17Ryton Classics (DC1)DC1 rest areaMay - Aug 
Ryton SVO (DC3)DC3 rest area by workshop 2Jan-Apr
Ryton Pilot (DC7)DC7 people centreSept - Dec
Kiosk 18Lyons ParkLyons Park Safety & Wellbeing room BtagJan - MarJul-Sept
BACBAC amenities area on shop floorApr - JunOct - Dec