Long Covid

Podcast on the effects of long covid and what you can do to look after yourself

Long Covid 19 Syndrome

For some people, COVID-19 can cause symptoms that last weeks or months after the infection has gone, even for those who were asymptomatic. This is known as post-COVID-19 syndrome or 'long COVID'. These symptoms can be distressing and can affect day to day activities and work.

In this podcast, Dr Steve Iley, Dr Cornelius Grobler, Andrew Barrowcliffe and Lasse Flosand discuss long COVID syndrome, including:

  • what it is;
  • who is at risk;
  • what can be done about it; and,
  • how Jaguar Land Rover managers can support team members who may have long COVID.

Dr Steve Iley is the Chief Medical Officer and Dr Cornelius Grobler is a Senior Medical Advisor at Jaguar Land Rover. Andrew Barrowcliffe is the physiotherapy manager, and Lasse Flosand the physiotherapy team lead for the Jaguar Land Rover long COVID rehabilitation programme

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