Coronavirus - Financial Wellbeing

Advice and information on financial wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic

In this challenging time, there has been a big impact on everyday life. One significant concern is about money. Here are some useful resources to support our employees and their families, as we all navigate through the current climate. These focus on guidance and tips on personal finances, in addition to understanding the potential impact on your pension, and on ways to help you stay connected with loved ones.​

These resources have been provided by The Money and Pensions Service, the free and impartial service supported by the UK government. In addition to resources provided by our DC pension provider, Scottish Widows.​

Coronavirus & Your Money 

Topics include:​

Problems paying your rent or mortgage

Guidance and tips on support paying utility bills or council tax

Travel plans and travel insurance claims

Coronavirus related scams

Coronavirus & What it Means for You

Topics include:​

Changes to statutory benefits because of Coronavirus​

Your options if your child’s school is closed

How is the Coronavirus affecting my pension?

Why has my Pension Fund gone down?

Stock Market Fluctuations

Those that are DC Pension Members can find additional information on the JLR DC Pensions Info Site

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